Swift Plus Toilet Cleaner (All in One)

Swift Toilet Cleaner has a unique 5 Minute powerful and bacteriostatic formula that dissolves stains, lime scales & toughest buildup of dirt, uric acid, calcium and magnesium sulphate deposits and faeces in just 5 minutes leaving toilet and washbasins germ & bacteria free and hygienically fresh. Its unique packing design provides maximum effectiveness by reaching evenly to the toughest places in just one spin.

Features & Benefits
  • Quick working
  • Dissolves stubborn stains, lime scale & buildup of dirt, uric acid
  • Calcium & magnesium sulphate and faces in just 5 minutes.
  • Powerful disinfectant kills germs, bacteria & viruses, leaving toilet clean & germ free.
  • Versatile-Suitable & safe for septic tanks, also suitable for Indian & western style toilets.
  • Unique packing design makes it easy to use.
  • Sparkling aquamarine blue color helps fading toilets retain new look for many years.
Usage Guide-

Flush the toilet. Open the cap. Squeeze the swift toilet cleaner bottle gently & spread liquid under the rim & around the bowl. Wait for 5minutes.Gently brush the bowl. Flush again. Rinse the brush in fresh water after use.