Swift Ultimate

Swift ultimatic is a premium concentrated laundry detergent with special enzyme system for greater stain busting power. Removes the toughest stains like those of tea coffee, oil, grease, egg yolk, blood etc. Good for hand and machine wash, effective in hard as well as soft water. Contains bacteriostatic enzymes to kill germs. Medium collapsible sud level makes it suitable for both top loading & front loading washing machines. Optical whiteners and anti – graying agents give you whiter whites & brighter coloureds.

Features & Benefits
  • Enzyme system gives stain buster power for removing tough stains (tea/coffee/oil/ grease & protein stains like egg yolk, blood etc.)
  • Concentrated, so you use less quantity for greater cleaning power.
  • Versatile - good for both hand & machine wash.
  • Medium suds level hence lesser water required for rinsing. Will not over foam.
  • Highly collapsible foam.
  • Suitable for both top loading & front loading machine.
  • Bacteriostatic- kills germs & gives hygienic wash.
  • Anti – redeposition agents’ helps in rinsing oils contains whites brighter coloureds.
  • Anti – Corrosive agent to prevent machine parts from rusting.
  • All temperatures formula – work even in tap water. (Better results, if lukewarm water is used.)
  • Effective under all water conditions.
  • Will work well with soft as well as hard water.
  • Lesser rubbing/scrubbing required which means longer life of clothes.
Usage Guide-

1 Capfuls for a bucketful of clothes.
2 Capfuls for a machine load of clothes.