Jadoo Black Phenyl

Effectively & effortlessly removes dirt grease, oil & stubborn stains from high traffic areas like porches foyers, entrance, Skirting, kitchen, oil spills near machine, petrol pumps, garages etc. concentrated and powerful formula loosens clinging dirt. Makes it economical and good as a base cleaner before and after polishing floor.

Features & Benefits
  • Effective formula
  • Loosens dirt that clings to the floor surface.
  • Convenient for cleaning extremely dirty floor & tough stains found in heavy traffic. (E.g. Porches, foyers etc.
  • Excellent grease & oil cutter.
  • Concentrated for economy – only 2 caps full (20ml) of swift floor shampoo required per liter of water to effectively clean approx. 100sq.ft of area.
  • Versatile – can also be used as a base cleaner before polishing floors.
Usage Guide-

Mix Swift floor shampoo with water in the proportion of 200ml (2 capfuls) to a litre. Sparkle liberally on the area to be cleaned using a hard nylon brush or hard broomstick, scrub the surface in a circular motion.Mop floor with clean water and allow it to dry.