Swift Glass Cleaner (Glass & Household Cleaner)

Swift Glass Cleaner is a. versatile cleaner, it cleans many, metal, countertops, chrome surfaces and stainless surfaces like glass mirrors, windows, car windshieIds , refrigerators, computer cabinets. Television screens, ceramic tiles, porcelainteeI.

Its steam barrier & antistatic dust Resistant formula makes it an ideal Anti-fog and anti-dust treatment for windows & car windscreens. Also cuts though grease & grime.

Features & Benefits
  • Versatile – cleans many different surfaces like mirrors, glass, car windshields, refrigerators, ceramic tiles, counter tops, porcelain, stainless steel, metal & chrome surfaces.
  • Effective – Cuts through grease & grime.
  • Anti – static, dust resistant & steam barrier formula.
  • Dust resistant & anti fog benefit for windows
  • Can be used as windows screen wash system for cars.
Usage Guide-

For anti – fog / anti – condensation / anti – dust treatment of glass, windows, mirrors, car windshields etc. & for refrigerators, fridge ,television sets, computer cabinets/Screen & other household appliances apply swift sparkle in full strength to get ultimate spark in one go.